Asset Recovery

Asset recovery services & It asset recovery programs


BC Recycling provides professional, customized transportation services to clients throughout North America and the world.

The experienced team at BC Recycling has the skills and expertise necessary to take care of all your technology or retail asset recovery needs. We are equipped with the latest tools to ensure your technology asset recovery and reverse logistics projects provide the greatest possible return while mitigating your risk.

BC Recycling provides cost effective solutions for managing your technology and equipment asset recovery efforts. We provide you accountability and visibility for the return of your end of lease and end of life office equipment, medical equipment and IT assets, such as, Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Monitors, Routers, Switches, PDAs, Fax Machines Servers, Storage Devices, MRIs, Hospital Beds, X-Rays and Imaging Machines.


We will customize a cost appropriate program that meets all of your needs, including:

  • Trained, professional recovery personnel
  • Secure transportation and warehousing
  • Online track and trace
  • Satellite tracking
  • Real time inventory management monitoring

Our proven technology asset recovery and reverse logistics processes and technology are highly adaptable and flexible. We are able to meet varying program restraints, large geographical requirements, and multiple, simultaneous, or recurring interval recoveries.
The professionals at BC Recycling will be by your side throughout the entire technology asset recovery process. We are asset recovery experts and our cutting edge processes and software, including online track and trace and satellite tracking, will ensure a successful outcome.

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